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740fulton.net is a web site for residents of the 740 Fulton Condominium building located in Chicago Illinois 60661.  We hope you visit this site often for the latest, information, community forum and more.

Cubs play-by-play man Pat Hughes imagines historic call

Pat Hughes, radio voice of the Cubs for 21 years, has been thinking about what he might say if the Cubs win the World Series.

His words would reverberate for decades, played and replayed for as long as there is baseball.

No pressure.

"The main thing is you have to capture the moment," said Hughes,...

Liberal arts grads struggle with underemployment, study says

Warning to college students and millennials still trying to recover from the Great Recession: About 44.5 percent of recent college graduates are underemployed after settling for jobs that typically don't require a college education.

Students in college now may face a struggle in their early career...

Richard Trentlage, native Chicagoan who got generations humming Oscar Mayer wiener song, dies

The man who got generations of hot dog lovers humming along to the Oscar Mayer wiener song has died.

An obituary posted online by Davenport Family Funeral Home and Crematory in Crystal Lake says Richard Trentlage, of Fox River Grove in Lake County, died on Sept. 21 at age 87.

With the words, "Oh,...

Wells Fargo aside, some banks need relief to help local communities

Sympathy for the banking business is in short supply these days, especially as another mind-boggling financial scandal unfolds.

This one comes courtesy of the giant Wells Fargo, which is on the receiving end of widespread public outrage and political scorn after it was revealed the company's brain...

Meet the designer of elite restaurants, stores and new Englewood Whole Foods

The way James Geier tells it, he was just a dyslexic kid who failed in school before he found his life's work mostly by accident.

Not bad for the man behind the design of some of Chicago's most acclaimed restaurants, and retail spaces worldwide ranging from Dallas Cowboys Pro Shops to Gucci and...

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